Cross # 13.4518

I bought this cross at NCYC in Indianapolis. I have been going through a lot with my family, friends, school, and my health. I felt like I had no escape and that I was slowly drifting away from God. NCYC inspired me so much and came at one of the most important times in my life. NCYC made me realize that God is always there for me though it does not always seem like it, and there are people always there for me because of God. I realized how much a few little prayers could do as well as a few days not worrying about anything but my faith. While my sister and I were walking past the booths we saw the answered prayer crosses and were very interested in what they were. We loved the idea of giving someone a cross that symbolized answered prayers in hope that it would help them. I looked at so many crosses trying to decide which one to take but I saw two that made sense to me so I had to get them both. I chose this cross because the light yellow color was a peaceful hopeful color and it says live, laugh, love. I realized that during my experience at NCYC that’s all I was doing. I was living every moment, laughing because of how happy I was, and loving everyone around me and God. NCYC was an amazing eye opener that I could not change what was going on in my life by myself, but that I needed God and I knew he would help me. I continue to struggle with family, friends, school and my health, nothing was magically resolved when I got home, but I am more confident that I could make my situation better and help others and myself, live, laugh, and love like I did at NCYC