Cross #13.4608

Tara Quinones
Saint Petersburg, Fl

I received this cross through a Women With Purpose Event where I met Elizabeth from Answered Prayers Cross. I was  diagnosed with a brain tumor and at the time both me & my husband were struggling after we both lost our jobs & our home, and were living from place to place with our two children & dog, with family & friends. At the time of my diagnosis my husband was staying at his cousins house & I was living with our children 2 hours away at my mom’s. He had found a job in the city & was working to rent an apartment. However, after chemo & radiation we decided to move to Florida, where his cousin had offered him a job and we believed that it would be worth a try for a better quality of life. It certainly was different but I believed it was for the best. When we arrived to Florida we continued to  encounter especially hard times financially since I was still recovering and unable to work. We had lost all of our material possessions and was starting from scratch. I consider myself to be resourceful and unrelenting when it comes to my loyalty to taking care of my family and I have experience & a history of working for non-profits back at home.  So I began to do some research and with the help of some awesome charities we got by. One of those are Women With Purpose and they introduced me to Answered Prayers cross as I mentioned above. So much has happened since my diagnosis on August 26, 2012 until now. One thing I am learning & know for sure is that life is a gift and I want to live the rest of my life in appreciation of that gift and to let others know that they are not alone in what ever struggle they may be enduring. I have much to be grateful for and I realized that after almost everything I had was taken from me. May God bless whomever is reading this and know you are NEVER alone because the spirit of the creator lives inside us all.