Cross # 13.4728

I bought this cross at the National Catholic Youth Conference. I saw a sign in the distance that said ‘Answered Prayers Cross’ and I immediately gravitated toward the booth. I picked a small cross with the word ‘love’ on it for a woman in my life who loved me when I desperately needed love. This woman is such an example of faith for me.a Two years ago, during my sophomore year in high school, my dad left our family with no reasons or words said. I didn’t know how to talk about it so I became very quite and almost never spoke a word at school because it was very painful to put on a smile and put up a façade. So, I didn’t know how to talk ,but I did know how to write. And one day, I opened my heart and wrote about everything in a theology assignment. The woman I mentioned earlier is my theology teacher. She reached out to me when I felt so alone and she showed me love and compassion when I most needed it. When my dad left, I prayed and prayed that he would come home. And all of these prayers seemed to go unanswered. At one point, I almost gave up praying altogether but then I realized that God was answering my prayers, just not how I wanted. Instead of bringing my dad home, he was bringing other incredible people into my life. I consider this woman to be one of my answered prayers and one of my greatest blessings. So, I am passing this cross onto her in hopes that one day she will pass it along to someone who is an answer to her own prayers.