Cross # 13.4745

Petoskey, MI
I’m the kind of person who gets along with everyone but who doesn’t really form any close connections with anyone, at least not with ease. Fortunately, God has blessed me with a lot of very outgoing people in my life, and whenever I have a desperate need He has sent someone. Kendra Shaw is definitely one of His great gifts to me. She absolutely brings out the best in me and has given me so much confidence and I love her to death. She impacts so many more lives than she can even know, and I’ve watched her grow and mature through a multitude of obstacles, and she truly inspires me.
The past year I have struggled with my health a LOT. I was finally diagnosed with POTS after trying for years to figure out what was causing my fatigue and vertigo as well as a lot of other issues. I was finding it hard to eat and sleep and I was losing a lot of weight despite all of my efforts. I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but I was somewhat depressed. I was often sick to the point of immobility and I was in a downward spiral that I had nearly lost the ability to fight. Thanks be to God, I have been blessed with a fantastic family and a strong stubborn streak, and I have recovered almost completely.
Now that I have my personality back, I have to focus more on life and remember to thank my God and appreciate the friends who have seen me through the process. Unfortunately, many of these friends are about to graduate, including Kendra, who has been like a sister to me since we sang together in our fall show over a year ago, though I’ve known her for much longer than that.
And there are many others who will cause goodbyes to be especially hard. I will essentially have to start over in the friendship process and the thought terrifies me. I’m also at the start of what may be my first true romantic relationship and I am unsure at every turn.
Not to mention that college is also coming to me sooner than I would like. Kendra knows these things and decided that the cross she once received had reached the end of its time with her, as she had grown out of it and she perceived that I was in need. So I am sitting here with Kendra on the bed of the original owner of this APC, Emma, making memories with two people who have changed me so much for the better, thanking God for this, His Divine Plan.