Cross # 13.4774

Aurora, IL
I received my cross as a gift from my teenage daughter when she attended the National Federation For Catholic Youth Ministry Meet November 21-23, 2013 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  At 62 my faith journey has been much like a roller coaster– super highs, but unfortunately some brutal lows as well.  Our faith grows with how we handle the challenges much like steel must go thru the the extreme heat of the furnace to become strong, hardened metal.  Like most,  I have difficulty living the Word in the secular world after leaving the Lord’s house.  My patience, understanding, etc. are often short when I need them to be long and I pray each day for this strength to better handle life’s struggles.  I have children of 16, 36 and 40 years of age and as any parent will tell you I sincerely try to counsel and coach them to avoid my “potholes”, yet alas they often only learn through making many of the same mistakes as I did/do!  To succeed in growing your faith, it seems to me that you must discard judgmental tendencies and pride and then try as hard as you can to love as our Lord loves—unconditionally and unfailingly.  Tough work, but Jesus said we would have to suffer as a result of discipleship but ah the reward eternal life in heaven!