Cross # 13.4884

I bought this cross at NCYC in Indianapolis. NCYC came at a perfect time because I have been struggling with my family, friends, school, and most recently my health. All these things caused me to doubt my faith and ask God why he was doing this to me. I feel like I am too young to go through all that I am and I feel as if I don’t deserve it. However, NCYC made me realize that God isn’t doing this to me to watch me suffer, or because I deserve it. God is doing this so that I may become stronger and inspire others. I felt as If I was growing away from God, and NCYC brought me closer to him. As I was walking through the booths at NCYC with my sister, we came across these answered prayer crosses, looked at them, and decided we needed them. I looked at so many crosses, but I decided on two because they felt like they were already mine, which probably sounds silly, but that’s how I felt. I chose this one because it reminded me of my faith and the short journey I took just from being at NCYC. I looked at it and thought about how much I had grown with God and how much I needed him. This cross makes me think of my faith and when I find someone who struggles with their faith and feels lost in their relationship with God, I hope they will tell me their story and listen to mine so that I can share this cross and my experiences with them.