Cross #13.4908

Kettering, OH

A long-time friend gave it to me on my birthday. In the past 2 yrs. my divorce ending a marriage of 18 yrs was final. I finally am free of the verbal abuse and the yelling. I know my brain isn’t done with it yet though. The demeaning left me with little self confidence and self love. I had a relationship after I had been divorced for a yr. and I wasn’t ready. It was dismal and broke my heart. I am learning to stand alone on my own two feet and I frequently feel lost and scared. My sons are healthy (19 & 16) and are good boys (well we all have our moments). I worry for them all the time because they are from a broken home. I had to show them that our household wasn’t the way things are supposed to be – that the verbal abuse and debasing was just that and it is abuse. But yet I worry because either choice I had was not good. I chose the path where I saw hope and that was being away from my abuser (my ex husband & sons” father). I struggle financially. I struggle with loneliness. I struggle with arthritis & fibromyalgia – some days the pain is very bad but some days not so much. I am a nurse so my job is a physical one. I am looking for and pray for  a nursing position less physical. I have been a nurse for 30 yrs. This cross says, “Joy”. I believe in God and work very hard to stay positive – praying for that joy and love that God wants for me and for me to recognize it when I see it. God bless you beautiful women. May God bring you joy as well.