Cross #13.5149

Miami, Florida

My Dad was in Hospice for a very weak heart, I had a God feeling that he was going to die in March of 2014, I went to see him on Monday and took a picture with him, them I felt like going back on Wednesday and another God feeling of going back to see him on Friday.  I spent the whole day with him that Saturday, he was doing better, the priest went to see him, we prayed, the doctor came and change to medications and I left about 8:00 pm that night, as usual I said to him “Dad God Bless You”, and I left.  8:00 a.m. on Saturday March the 15th, 2014 the nurse called me up to tell me that my Dad had died.  I went there to make the arrangement for the funeral home to come and pick up his body, then I went outside to the terrace with one of my sisters standing besides me, I look up to heaven and I asked God to send me a sign that my Dad was in heaven with him and that all his suffering was gone.  Then my sister next to me, said “look at this picture that our other sister send me”.  It was a picture that my other sister that was not there took from her terrace, it was a picture of heaven with a sun that shined loke a big star, then I told my sister “that is the sign I was waiting for”.