Cross 13.5195

Augusta, GA

My dear friend, Patsy, gave me my cross in 2012 after my husband and I had moved to Fort Worth, TX for his new duty station (he’s a Navy Chaplain). On our move to TX, Emory was diagnosed with CLL, (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia) after going to the ER for chest pains (caused by his gallbladder). Cancer is always a shock to discover and a scary journey to say the leastt. With the move and doctor visits, etc., I never got around to registering my cross. However, it has been a constant reminder of God’s faithfulness to see us through our day to day walk with Him, no matter what our circumstances. The prayers of God’s people have been amazing and such an encouragement. Over the past four years, the cross would be a reminder to hang in there as we both experienced an onset of physical trials like never before in our 39 years of marriage. God never left us, as He promised, and though not an easy journey at times, a growing and learning time for us both. I am thrilled to report that my husband is in remission and we have just moved to his last duty station before he retires in two years. I have passed my cross on to a dear friend who has survived breast cancer and is currently dealing with a kidney disease that has regressed to the point of dialysis and who is on the list for kidney transplants. Please pray for my dear sister in Christ, Dianne, as she trusts God to daily meet her needs during this time. Her love for life and her precious smile and laughter are contagious. To God be the glory for all He has done and will continue to do! Blessings galore, Beverly <><