Cross #13.5412

St. Petersburg, FL

Back in October 2014 I asked a friend if she’d like to go with me make crosses. I had been down town strolling around the art district with my husband the weekend prior and was drawn into the Clay Center. Ever felt drawn somewhere and then get there and it not make sense? This was one of those times. I had a lovely conversation with the gal who owns the center and light bulbs starting going off in my spirit about how I could bring women to a clay workshop for team building, ministry opportunity, etc. but it just didn’t feel right. And THEN I turned the corner and TADA!!!!!!!! there it was the “Answered Prayer Crosses” sign. And it was open! The moment we walked in I knew Dad had a plan. I got to have a lovely chat with Elizabeth and this other sweet sister. And the following Tuesday my friend and I went. Not only us, but a gal from our young adult ministry and my dear gracefilled friend Dagmar came. I’m not sure what our Lord is up to, but I’m excited to be part of it. This cross spoke to me because it is a lovely mustard seed color with daises imprinted in it and then the one dark blot at the foot of the cross.

And my precious friend Eileen went just because she knew I desired to play in clay. Oh how He loves us!

This cross is going to hang as a reminder of sacrificial friendship and kindness. And how His kindness leads us to repentance until the day the Lord sends someone in who needs it.