Cross #13.557

Ormond Beach, FL

I was at the Eucharistic congress in Jacksonville. I went there to be with the youth groups from our church, Santa Maria Del Mar in Flagler, FL. I was very moved by the whole experience and the Holy Spirit was most definitely present. I took a break and went to see what the different vendors had to offer. I came upon a table filled with crosses and many people gathered around. I listened to the history of the crosses and I was intrigued. I saw a cross that spoke to me and I didn’t know why. It wasn’t something I would have looked for. I started to cry, and ran to the bathroom to pull myself together. When I came back to the table, I told the woman behind the table that I came back for my cross. She immediately handed me the cross I had seen. How she knew which one it was is beyond me. I guess beyond all of us. the cross has a filigree purple cross stamped on it and a footprint on the bottom. When I got married 28 years ago, my color was purple. the footprint is for my grandson who became an angel 5 years ago and is in heaven waiting for me. This cross moves me to this day. A friend of mine from work found out that her husband has cancer and they are facing some very difficult challenges, so it is time for me to pass my cross on to her. I pray for her and hope that this cross means as much to her as it does to me.