Cross # 13.825

Venice, Florida

I received this cross as a gift from Elizabeth while visiting her shop/studio in the Spring of this year (2013).  I was looking at the crosses and for some reason, unknown to me, she approached me and as we were talking about the artistry of the crosses she surprised me by giving one to me.  The word on the cross is BLOSSOM.  I knew immediately who I was going to pass this on to since giving them away is the ultimate purpose of the caring cross.  But I held onto the caring cross for several months.  Maybe it was me who needed to be re-assured that at any age a person can blossom.  Elizabeth must have sensed that I, too, was on the verge of “a new blossom” and I just needed the extra encouragement to unfurl and do it.  Today I passed the cross to the friend I had thought of months ago as she embarks on her new venture in life.  Change can be scary but most of the fear is wrapped up in the unknown.  Take the leap.  Blossom.