Cross # 13.861

St. Petersburg, FL

I received it as part of a “secret Santa” gift exchange. It was with another gift…but I couldn’t let go of the cross..until someone decided they wanted it (one of those gift exchange games). I was so disappointed because I really wanted that cross…then, “as God would have it” someone took my gift and I was able to get it back! I was leaving the “secret” person whose gift it was from said; “Oh, you got the gift I brought!” and then proceeded to explain the meaning behind the cross. I was so excited to have it even more now. THEN…my secret Santa at my school…gave me a gift…when I read the card (before I opened the gift) it said almost exactly what the other person said…this is from my good friend….and outloud I said, Oh, I know her (which I really didn’t but recognized the name)…when I opened the gift, I was in awe…another cross…and I don’t even know the teacher who gave it to me all that well….so as not to go on and on…it was one of the most powerful “God encounters” I have had in a very long time…so powerful…and now, I know the exact person who needs this cross…. blessing!