Cross #14.107

Tampa, Florida

My husband suffers from a very aggressive form of Parkinson’s Disease. He is only 70 years old and has had PD for about 5 years; he has deteriorated rapidly from a 276 lb. muscular, 6 ft. man to a 174 lb. man who has lost all muscles and leans over to a point we think he will fall out of his wheelchair. He is now in a long term care facility and about two months ago, had a very scary bout with pneumonia. The doctors were preparing me for the worst ( he was gravely ill). Two of my sisters in Christ came to visit with me in the hospital, along with many other church members. One special sister gave me this beautiful cross for comfort. With lots of prayer and faith my husband recuperated and is doing great from the pneumonia. His Parkinson’s is still progressing; however, God brought him back to me and we will deal with the next step. Prayer works!