Cross #14.1080

Weirsdale, FLorida

I received my cross on my 60th birthday. It was a surprise! My Children and best friends in my life were there! My friend from high school was suppose to be taking me to dinner for my birthday and we ended up at Painting with a Twist!  My Daughters put this together for me. I walked in and well “SURPRISE” I hadn’t seen some of my friends for a very long time and even my niece was there.  It was very overwhelming!!!  I felt so blessed. We each painted a picture, the same picture. The artist instructed us along. We laughed and ate. My daughter made us cupcakes. Some of us even had a glass of wine. Which made us relax and not be so tense about our painting. Since none of us were artists.  My beautiful friend Carmen gave me this cross that day. It means so much to me. She is a precious sister in Christ and I love her dearly. She has such a giving spirit and I will treasure it for ever! It will remind me of God’s forgiving and loving power. To have faith the size of a mustard seed. It will grow and blossom into God’s will for my life if I only trust him.  Thank you Carmen for passing this on and for being beautiful inside and out, thoughtful and a caring women that you are. And I thank God for putting you in my life!!!
God Bless us everyone!