Cross #14.1122

Winter Haven, FL

I received the cross “relief ” from a wonderful lady God put into my life! I believe God puts people in your path for a reason. She has mentored me greatly  and it has been an impact In my life and my spiritual walk.
I have  a wonderful husband and three teenage sons.  My  oldest son who is 19 years old turned away from God. In fact , he dropped out of College and lost scholarships because he made the choice to hang around the wrong crowd which has led to substance abuse. We have given chance after chance and it he is not willing to get help. It has been so hard watching my son  going down the tubes.  He  has lost his drive and is not taking responsibility for his life.  We have to do the “tough love” thing and it hasn’t been easy.  My husband asked him to leave because he isn’t willing to live by our rules and we have two other sons to consider!  I had to watch my son ride away on a bike with a garbage bag of clothes, not the image I dreamed off.  He is such a bright kid and I always pictured him packing up his car and driving off to College or a great future!  I know that he stayed at a motel for a week, and I know now that he is staying with a classmate until he finds a full time job. I know that this is what he has to go through to figure it out. I have been  so worried and afraid that I will lose my son forever! I have gone through a lot of sleepless night and have felt helpless!  I have received my “relief cross”, and I’m truly feeling relief!  God has made his presence in this is situation clear. The relief I’m experiencing is  peace and calm. Through this I have learned to trust him more then ever before! I can’t rescue my son only God can. I have  had to let him go! I have given him to a God and I hold on to his promise!  My son has stopped by and has had dinner with us and I do see changes in him, but I know that it’s a process and God is with him. I can’t control this situation, but I sure can pray and find relief at the foot of the cross!!!!