Cross #14.1238

St. Petersburg, FL

I received my cross from my angel, Nikki McQueen, who unknowingly saved my life. I lost my mother in March 2013. She was not only my Mom, but my very best friend. When she was gone, I felt I had no one…..I have my daughters, but they were grieving their gramma, not their mother. I didn’t want to add to their burden. I had my Hospice counselor, but she didn’t even know my Mom. The first few months I held it together fairly well…….I think I was numb. Then Mom’s Birthday rolled around in early November. Then Thanksgiving. Then Christmas. They all went un celebrated. I sat on my couch for three months, crying. Simply just being. Hating God. Then I tossed around the idea of suicide. I thought if I died, I could be with my Mom. Something made me contact the funeral home during that time for the last pamphlet of four by Doug Manning. I had the privilege of speaking with Nikki. The next morning, I opened my front door, and there laid a large manila envelope containing I believe the whole series of pamphlets and a hard cover book on grief which contained a very helpful DVD. Until that moment, I had isolated myself so thoroughly from everyone, and felt so wretched, that I couldn’t see I was in a prison of my own making. I had made the decision to end my life……until Nikki . That gesture of total kindness to someone she had never even met instantly changed my mind. And I thank God for her each and every day………