Cross #14.1311

Blountville, TN

My mother and I came down to Florida to help my Aunt Lesliee unpack in her new place. One night she asked if we would come “make crosses” at a group she goes to. Unfortunately my mother was sick and couldn not join us, but my Aunt Wendy, Aunt Lesliee and I did get to join the fun:) It was a great time creating and designing new things, we also played a little game before we went in. Since my mom couldn’t come, we decided that one of our crosses would be a gift to her, so each of us would go through all the crosses and find the one that was totally her. My Aunt Wendy won by finding a cross with puppy dog feet on it because my mom’s dog, George, passed away a couple months ago. But while I was hunting for the cross, I found this one cross that I just fell in love with. The detail in the brick pattern was just amazing to me, I knew that was my cross because my Husband and I create e-liquid for electronic cigarettes, called 28 Days Vape. I had just created a new flavor called, Knight’s Cross and needed an amazing cross to take pictures with. I am so excited to show off the cross and share Answered Prayers Cross with everyone and take beautiful pictures. Thank you to the wonderful hands that created this beauty.