Cross # 14.1316

Clearwater, FL

I was in a drug store late one night, suffering from some very bad back pain and other medical issues. The pharmacy was closed, so I was searching through all the over-the-counter remedies, trying to find something to help – when the lady customer observed me sorting through the various medicines and rubs. I was not outwardly suffering or hurting, but I think maybe she could tell I was needing some help. She came up to me and asked me what I was looking for, and what was my problem. She then recommended a few items for me, telling me about each of them. When I thanked her, I complemented her on her nice cross necklace she was wearing. She thanked me and then said, “you know what, I have something for you if you will wait here for a second.” She went to her car and came back with the cross she then gave me, saying she felt she came in there for a reason and wanted to give me this cross, which I really appreciated. It was very nice and thoughtful of her; especially since I was hurting so much at that time. I took the cross home and hung