Cross 14.1354

Lincoln NE

I received this cross from my Mom.  She went to the meeting in Norfolk NE.  She gave it freely and with great love.  I think she sensed that my life had changed and that I needed extra support and prayers.  She is the greatest Mom in the world.  If I have just a fraction of her faith I consider myself very lucky.  She is the strongest person I know.  She is always willing to help someone in need.  Her faith has been fortified by losing her Mom at a young age and helping to raise 6 younger siblings.  She went on to have 8 children with a wonderful man who has gone to our savior.  She is my inspiration as a person, a mother and a friend.  I am passing the cross on to my brother and his family as they grieve for a great loss.
May our prayers be with them.  May we send our love and strength out to them.  Reassure them that life has lessons that seem meaningless and cruel and very wasteful.  But through it all they are loved and cared for by their family and by their God.  May this cross be a reminder of that LOVE.  The cross has a red heart and “love always” written below.  Passing this blessing on