Cross #14.1960

Mentone, IN

I received my cross from a lady I went to school with from first grade thru high school. haven’t seen or spoken to her for aprox. 38 years. It would take to long to explain the details of all of it. She is Christian lady and an amazing blessing in my life. I am a Christian man and very blessed. I wasn’t always following God and I faced many struggles but he has brought me through it all. He has saved me so many times from certain death. One instance was I was in a massive explosion at work. It was caused by a furnace. I was standing directly in front of it. Everyone there would tell you I should have been killed. This part may be hard for some to understand. When furnace blew up I felt something crab me and pull me back at least ten feet. My feet never touched the ground. I know Gods angels lifted me away from it. I ran out the door, I had small burns in places. Things were raining down on me as I was running. I spent only three days in the hospital. I had basically what was a bad sun burn on my face. And they were worried about my eyes. I have no scars nothing from that explosion. I know without question God does miracles every day if we just open our eyes. and my story is nothing compared to what he does every day with others. There isn’t enough space here to tell you what Jesus has done for me. it cost me nothing but has given me every thing. Praise God always.