Cross #14.1960

Tulsa, OK

Today I received this cross from a very dear girlfriend whom I have known since junior high. We became best friends almost instantly but, after high school, we both moved to different states and gradually lost track of each other. About 3 years ago we reconnected through facebook. We’re still living in separate states and our busy lives have prevented us from seeing each other yet, but we are kindred spirits and feel as close, even closer, than when we were teens. I have never even heard of these crosses but immediately fell in love with it and logged onto the website to learn more. WOW, what a beautiful healing ministry! I feel so blessed by everything about this cross and LOVE that it is perfectly flawed, just like me! Very recently I became a licensed funeral director and feel very honored to be called to serve God in this way. But I’m struggling to find employment and just today was feeling especially discouraged. The arrival of this cross today reminds me that God’s timing is always perfect. I also love what is stamped on the front… “Dream, Believe, Succeed”. I believe this is God’s way of keeping me encouraged and hopeful. Truly He is the Potter and I am the clay, the work of His Tender and Loving Hands! And when my prayers have been answered, I will pray about who to pass this cross onto. Thank you for this beautiful healing ministry, God bless you!!!