Cross #14.1998

Indianapolis, IN

On July 26, 2014, my brother, Dr. Kent Brantly, was diagnosed with Ebola. He had been serving as a medical missionary in Liberia, West Africa, when the Ebola outbreak started, and he became the medical director for the Ebola Treatment Unit at the hospital where he was working. By July 27, his story was spreading around the globe like wildfire, and just as fast, thousands upon thousands, or maybe millions of people were moved to pray for him, and many of those people were also moved to pray for the thousands suffering in West Africa. A friend at work left this Answered Prayer Cross on my desk during the time he was sick. Knowing how many people were praying for Kent provided a great deal of comfort to me and my family. The world was still watching when Kent walked out of an ambulance at Emory University Hospital on August 2, and when he left the hospital, Ebola-free and healthy, on August 21. I remain forever thankful to God for sparing Kent’s life and restoring his health, and also to the many people who prayed for him and our family. I am struck though, that there are still people suffering in West Africa, and there are people who suffer everywhere around the world and in my own neighborhood every day, and most of them do not have millions of people praying for them. We need to pray for each other!!

Now I am passing this cross on to someone very dear to me who walked hand in hand with my family during those difficult days in July and August 2014, and who is now facing her own battle. The cross has the word “believe” inscribed on it. I believe in the power of prayer, and I am praying that God will lay his healing hand on her and will also give her peace and strength that only come from him as she walks this road.