Cross #14.2047

Columbus, IN

An awesome friend of mine who I meet through church several years ago invited me to the event at Westside Community Church in honor of her Daughter who was born stillborn in August of 2013. I went to visit her that day at the hospital! That day changed my life! I was there for my friend but I also believe that God put me there for another reason! I have become so much closer and in tune with God over the past several months and it is amazing! Even though I was saved almost 10 years in September, I have become so much more aware of things in life that are so much more important with Gods guidance and support! The past year and a half has been a struggle with going through a divorce and trying to make sense of life but God has been there ever step of the way, even when I questioned it! He showed me he was there! I am so thankful for this event  that was put on at our church! My intentions are to purchase more of the crosses! I have three that I received at the event and I know where they are going! Thank you for starting this awesome ministry! I plan on sharing with everyone I can!