Cross #14.2104

Clearwater, FL

I received this cross from a special friend who has been helping me through the hardest years of my life.  My husband and I have experienced the loss of 3 babies in less than 2 years.  I have several medical problems that are making it impossible at this time for me to hold on to a pregnancy and be able to carry our babies to full term.  The medical procedures and surgeries we thought would help have just made us realize I have another issue that needs to be addressed.  My doctor is doing what he can but says we are at a very difficult point in our journey.  We need to decide which path to go down next but all the paths are so rocky in one way or another.  We face many challenges physically and financially.  My husband and I are heart broken about the loss of our 3 babies and we are still eager to someday be parents. This loss in my life has forever put a sadness in my heart that I often wonder if it will ever go away.  I would love for some guidance on which path my husband and I should go down next and I pray that someday soon that path will lead me to a beautiful baby.