Cross #14.2140


Columbus, IN.

I bought this cross when Elizabeth did an “APC on the road” event in Columbus, Indiana.

This cross jumped out at me because it had a butterfly and the word “free” stamped on it.

Butterflies remind me of my friend Lucas who died last year.   His death was an accident and it was sudden, shocking and unbearably sad to have him taken from us so young.

When I saw the cross with the butterfly and the word “free” stamped on it, I knew I wanted it.  This cross made me hopeful that one day I can be “free” of the “take your breath away” sadness of Lucas’ death.

On the anniversary of Lucas’ death, I gave this cross to his mother. It was my hope that this cross (and God’s will and good friends) could free her from some of the pain she experienced this past year.   I know she will always miss him but I hope that it will become bearable.