Cross #14.2149

Jennifer Rhoads
Conyers, GA

I was working a table at the Eucharistic Congress and these crosses were at the table next to me.  Elizabeth was out and about a lot but I made sure to keep an eye on the crosses as I had a feeling they were special.  It wasn’t until Saturday that Elizabeth came across a cross that was meant for me.  It said “Create Art”.  It looked so perfect to me since I am an artist and I was selling my art at the congress.  The only payment required for the cross was a hug which I gladly gave.  I took extra care of my cross, I kept it close for the remainder of the Congress, and I kept it in my green book bag afterwards which is where I put all the important documents and etc. after each show.  When I got home I hung the cross in my art studio where I can see it to inspire me to make more art.