Cross #14.2253

Columbus, Indiana

I got this cross from a wonderful young lady with a husband and two children who lived two doors down from us. I should point out that I am married with two married adult daughters for whom I was the primary caregiver while my wife/mother of the children was the primary salary earner. Over the years I got to know this mom and her children as we watched her children play in the neighborhood. We spent a lot of time talking about children and raising them and she had this cross made for me just before they left town due to a new business opportunity for her husband. The cross has the word “family” written on it because the gift giver knew me as a man to whom family was very important. God and family, in that order. I was very touched by the gift but more so by the thoughts behind it. I miss them but the cross is a happy reminder. Even so, I intend to pass it along in the near future after owning it for several months in keeping with what I understand as the thing to do. May God Bless you all.