Cross # 14.3060


Athens, GA

I lost a friend that committed suicide and all i could think of is how did i not even see it. The changes in his behavior and the way he started to act, I was oblivious to it all. I was so caught up in everything else that was going on in my life to take a minute to realize the signs that i didn’t noticed until it was to late. I don’t blame myself for his action but i wonder all the time why he didn’t say anything or even come to me. How could he be in such a deep depression to not even care to live anymore? Why didn’t he come to me? Did he even know he could come to me? Its not my fault for his actions but i do take blame for the fact he didn’t talk to anyone about it. He never new how much we loved and cared about him because if he did he would have took another route and reached out to someone. I realized everything happens for a reason. Its all apart of Gods plan. It may not always be fair but we have to keep faith. I break down about it every now and then, not as often as i did. I see how God used him to affect the peoples lives around him. Its sad that he had to be the one to go but its a grow experience for all of us that was effected by it. Death is only sad for the living. This life is only temporary. Losing him showed me how fragile life can be. I’m sad but i know better day are going to come. Its all about keeping faith.