Cross #14.3253


I was diagnosed with breast cancer in nov 2013. On December 18 2013 I had a double mastectomy. Everything was going smoothly, my first chemo was tues January 28th 2014. I had already been told by several people what I needed to take since it was a all day thing. My husband & I showed up early that morning & right about the time they had started my treatment, we had gotten a call from the kids school saying they were closing early due to snow. My husband left me, neither 1 of us knew that he would not be able to come back & get me that day due to the city closing down. My first chemo was spent in the chemo suite with 2 of the worlds best nurses!!! LOVE THEM!!! Since then I have had 2 reconstruction surgery & a hysterectomy. Finished chemo & almost finished herceptin!!!!! During all of this I have tried to always be positive, why waste the energy to get upset. 3 years leading up to my fight, I lost my sister to cervical Cancer, my godmother to lung cancer, a dear friend ovarian cancer & a uncle to brain cancer. I had no option but to survive!!! I have had the best family & group of friends who have been my greatest support!! My favorite phrases thru all of this is “by his wounds we are healed”, ” in all things give thanks” & “what you speak is powerful!!”.