Cross #14.3315

New York

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August of 2013,  It was a very devastating time for me and my family, as my mother passed away from this disease. I was only married three years and we were trying to have a family when I was told I had breast cancer. It all just seemed horrible and unfair, since I would now never be a mother. I remained strong and knew I had to stay focused, I still has a lot life to live. I had a double mastectomy and have been through the hardest year ever- from surgery to surgery to chemo and then dealing with my new norm. I knew I needed to be connected with ladies like myself and researched and found a retreat in Florida…… Faces of Courage. There I met strong women and I was able to process all I had endured. I learned I was strong and I’m still Me, I guess only better since I’m cancer free. One of the activities at the retreat was painting crosses and that’s where I got mine. It simply states “Live Simply”. Simple yet strong message. Its colors remind me of nature and the simple beauty around us and how great  life is.  I love living and thank God he has made me a strong resilient survivor.