Cross #14.3342

St. Pete Beach, FL

I received this cross after doing a Beth Moore Bible study and I chose it from a basket.  I thought it was very beautiful with the dragonfly imprinted on it.  I had a chance to talk to someone at Bible study this morning who was going through a divorce.  I experienced the same emotions and feelings she is going through now 8 years ago.  This woman and I were married the same length of time (26 years) to our husbands.  It so brought back a flood of my own emotions as I spoke with her.  Today would have actually been my wedding anniversary.   We are on a new chapter of our lives putting the old behind us and ready to see what God has in store for us next. God gives us each a choice in life and we are all on this journey together.   We can choose to trust in Him and move forward or we can stay stagnant and hold onto the past.  I choose to move forward and encouraged her to do the same. She is in a rough place right now but is strong in the Lord and has a tremendous amount of faith.  She is also very sick with an illness that has disabled her so it has been extremely tough on her.  Please pray for the healing of her emotionally and physically as she sets out on her new journey to find out what God desires for her new life.