Cross #14.3354

Cocoa, FL

On June 11th, my 88 year old Mom, had a cardiac event and a stroke over the next 10 days our wonderful Hospice of St. Frances care givers along with my husband, cousin, and I cared for my mom and she passed on, June 21 at 4:42 am.   I felt like an abandoned orphan, I am an only child and lost my Father on Father’s Day 2005.  Over those 10 days I received support via phone, fb and visits from my Mom’s church friends and her pastor.  Also during this time a friends of mines girlfriend, whom I had never met, Julie Berry, sent me such wonderful and supportive messages.  I was blessed enough to meet Julie about a month later and she gave me my cross.  She is beautiful both inside and out.   During this time friends that I thought would always be there for me were not and others people did step up.  You learn a lot at times like this.  As this cross has helped me during this time, I feel it is time for me to pass it onto my friend Suzy who was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 1/2 years ago, she was doing great and in remission until it metastasized into her spine and hips.  She is so strong and such an inspiration, I am hoping this cross brings her comfort as it brought me.
Thank you Julie Berry for being the wonderful woman that you are!!  Love, Sandy