Cross #14.3694


I received this cross from a New FRIEND and sister in the Lord, My cross says Shine. My husband an I were fairly new to this church. My new friend and I met on a work day at the church. We were the only women and we were to clean out this kitchen area that had not been used in a very long time. We started talking and I told her the about my Miracle when I had my Stroke and what Heavenly Father had to do in my husbands and my lives to get us to go back to church. She is gave me this cross a couple of months after that . I did not register it or anything. I could not see myself giving it up. I t was so special to me. I have had it for about a year or so now and I have grown in the Lord. Some young people from another state move here to our church to set up a Dream Center. The work they do for the Lord everyday consists of going out into the streets and helping those who need it. Feeding the homeless and taking in and rehabbing those with drug and alcohol problems. There is a couple who are married and they have 2 little children. I have finally found the persons who I can give my cross to and I look forward to it. I know this cross will give them the LOVE and guidance God would have wanted for them.