Cross #14.3719

Redington Beach, FL

My bible study group did a “night out” and ended up at Answered Prayers.  I was so overwhelmed by the unique nature of being able to connect with others.  My cross’ design is cut in half.   One side is blank and the other side is so beautifully painted with a beautiful non-descript design and perfectly chosen bright colors.  It reminds me of my struggle to always have faith and believe in God.  But it said to me, “When you stray, your life is blank and colorless.  When you trust in Me, your life is full of bright possibilities.”  I had so much fun being creative and I hope one of my crosses touches someone’s heart.  It is amazing to see how God continues to put people and opportunities in front of you when you just listen and trust in His plan.  I will pray for Answered Prayers to continue touching lives through this unique and thoughtful way.