Cross #14.3755

Paola and Zubin
Clearwater, FL

We received this beautiful Answered Prayers Project Cross in a beautiful annual event of St. Gianna Center during the auction and the Cross says Family with a beautiful Mustard Seed on the back of it. We had gone through a loss of miscarriage last year and recently through another miscarriage this year but this beautiful Cross that says Family has given us the courage and hope and thanksgiving to God for the beautiful Family that He has already blessed us with. We have a beautiful healthy son who will soon turn 5 years old. He has been such a miracle in our lives and always brings us so much joy. This beautiful Cross has made us reflect of the gift that God has already given us which is our Holy Family and our son Gerard which everyday we thank the Lord for the gift of our family and we treasure our family even more now after going through these sorrows as we don’t know what the future holds if we will be able to have another child or not, a little sister or brother for our son but this Cross has given us the treasure of holding close in our hearts and soul the gift of the beautiful family that God has already given us and everyday we are so thankful for His love, faith, hope, healing that He bestows on us. God is very Merciful and loves us all so much. The Lord in his wisdom knows what is best for all of us in our lives and we just have to always trust in Him that things happen for a good reason always. Amen! Most Sacred Heart of Jesus pray for us. Thank you God for healing us and for loving us! Yours in Christ and Mary,
Zubin, Paola and our beautiful miracle son Gerard.