Cross #14.3764

Pisa, Italy

I received my beautiful cross at a Book Club meeting. We are a group of Christian ladies who meet monthly to share a meal and discuss a book and encourage one another in our Christian walk. Our friend Anne Marie, the book club’s founder came to visit from Florida and she gave each one of us a cross. She said we would just each get the “right cross” for us. I was so surprised when I opened mine and it was just the perfect one for me. I have been praying for God to teach me how to love again as I am recovering from a deep hurt in a very important relationship. The wounds have been deep and difficult to get over and heal. My prayer has been that I would learn to love as Jesus did, and also that I would learn to love myself again and regain a healthy sense of self-esteem and self-worth. My cross is a beautiful light pink with lovely flower stamps on it. It has one word on it: “Love”. I pray I will learn to love and receive love again. I pray then I can minister to others who also need comfort and love. I pray my cross gets shared with many who need love and to love.