Cross #14.3788

Cindy D
Dover, PA
I went through a very deep dark depression after my mother went to heaven and I couldn’t understand why this happened. I always continued to stay focused on God, did not want any medications, and thought prayer would get me through it. Well as I worsened I realized I needed help, therapy and I had to go on medication! After trying several different meds I finally was given one that truly helped my imbalance and my recovery was moving forward. Today I am doing well but I still find myself at times feeling low, “I don’t look back”, my motto is to stay focused on the future, set goals, and associate with positive people, I’ve learned to share my heart with loved ones in order to help cleanse my heart, body and soul! I have also realized God has given the gift of crying for a reason, crying is a form of cleansing and it’s amazing how much better you feel after a good cry! Thank the Lord everyday when you rise up and stand on your feet for a new day, and as you lay down at night Thank the Lord for blessing you with a beautiful day!