Cross #14.3834

Durham, NC

My PRAY NOW cross was initially received at a ministry where I work and they were given to staff.  I picked up the one that says “PRAY NOW.”  I have been doing just that as over the last year and a-half our family challenges have been difficult.  All 3 of my sons are in the Navy (15 years so far) the two oldest recently walked out on their families.  One family (daughter-in-law and two grandchildren) came to live with us for the past year.  So that son has pretty much disowned us – the second son still talks to us thankfully, but they both need the love of Jesus in their lives.  They were raised knowing Him, but as they grew up their lives took another direction.  Our third son is close to the Lord, but far away geographically, like the other side of the world far away.  The Lord has taught me many lessons in the past year and a half and it has all come through prayer and reading His Word.  God is in it all – my children are His and I’ve been able to lay them down, waiting to see what He will do next.  So I continue to PRAY NOW.  I’m going to pass my cross on to my ex-daughter-in-law – who lived with us for a year.  She is on her own now, but is having challenges with children and a new husband – it’s a very strange story and without the Lord we never would have made it this far.  There were days, during my daily quiet time, that I would ask for encouragement from God and there it was, in each page I read, in every verse I pondered.  So, thank you for this little cross and for the hands that made it.