Cross #14.3885

St. Petersburg, FL

My neighbor and new friend Theresa invited me to come to the potluck with her and a couple of other friends.  I really was not sure what I was coming to. I felt tired from the day’s work and thought how easy it would have been to have changed my mind and stayed home.  The women that I met there and those I came with were such a joy and so kind and friendly that it only took me a few minutes to forget those negative thoughts and I found myself being creative and feeling good about the connections I was having.  My life’s journey has not been extraordinary but I find such comfort in finding another person who relates to whatever issues I am stressing over. I am finding menopause, and the aging process and life’s changes they bring to be very challenging. I look forward to talking to women close to my age who may have or are experiencing similar stresses and hope I can help younger women in preparation for their lives down the road.  Thank you for providing such an avenue to use to help discover the better side of growing older.