Cross #14.3971

Tampa, FL

This cross has a unique story, as it was gift from a woman who I thought I could never love. It was given to me by “the other woman” who was also in a relationship with my boyfriend, or as we discovered, our boyfriend. Since the reality of our relationships had been carefully hidden from one another, our friendship had a less than amiable start, full of confusion, anger, and pain; but it did not take us long to realize that we were both victims of a blinding and false love. As strange as it may have felt at first, we quickly became each other’s strongest support throughout this emotional time. We not only lifted each other up as strong women who deserve to be treated with love and respect, but we recognized the inner beauty within one another. When we agreed to meet in person, I was completely shocked when she gave me a gift… this cross. Throughout my relationship with my boyfriend I did not pray for a “happily ever after,” but rather that we be led down the path that was meant to be. This was the answer to my prayer. While our friendship had a rather unorthodox start, I can’t help but now feel love and appreciation for this woman, without whom I would not have been able to find my strength to walk away from this emotionally and mentally manipulative relationship. This cross serves as a daily reminder of my personal growth, her wholehearted compassion, and God’s eternal love.