Cross #14.4048

St Pete, FL

I was part of a Christian Chamber networking event held at the studio. Before we left we were told to take any cross that we liked. The cross I chose said simply: loved. It is a small cross, that is a little bit broken, which only added to the charm. Not only did the colors and the designs appeal to me, but I think sometimes I can forget that I too am loved. I know I’m loved by my family, my husband and my friends, but sometimes it can be more difficult to realize that I too am loved by Jesus – the one that matters most.

I am a photographer, and I focus on shooting women, and part of my goal is to give them an experience where they feel pampered and can realize how beautiful they really are. I thought what a perfect fit for my studio is this cross that will not only serve as a reminder to me that I am loved, but every woman that comes to my studio can also know that they too are loved by God himself.

Thank you Elizabeth, for opening up your studio, your heart and sharing your passion with women around the world. I pray God continues to bless your ministry in more ways than you can imagine. I know I left there feeling inspired!