Cross # 14.4575

Mazon, IL

A wonderful friend of mine, Kim, mailed this to me after our family decided it would be a good thing to make a job transfer from our lifetime home and location. She has been a terrific support system for me. Praying for me, crying with me and giving me good advise and tips on how to move.

Sometimes I feel a bit “frozen” with the overwhelmingness of this decision for our family. All the decisions to be made. I do feel God’s presence through our process so far. It has been ongoing for a year now. My husband has been living the 900 mile distance away from us. We have made the various trips back and forth to try to keep some type of normal going.

Currently as of next week we will be moving our household goods out to our new home in South Carolina. We don’t know anyone there and will be trying to get established in a church as our first “normal act”!!

During this process our youngest child has now started college, which also adds another element to the process. With prayers and support from family and friends I know God will find our path and strengthen me personally so I will have an even more amazing experience with God and all HE is capable of in my life.

All my family will be here. My parents are getting older and my dad is in a nursing home setting. My heart aches at the fact that I will be so far from visiting and sharing time with him. I’m trying hard to reach out and know that God has my dad in his care and find peace in that. Hoping to keep contact with my amazing friends and family who are so awesome in my life. I’m grateful and thankful for all that I have been blessed with and I’m just trying to keep my faith strong in whatever God will use me for in this new unknown future.
That is my story as of now. Continuing forward.