Cross #14.4618

Peoria, AZ

My two sons are highly gifted, we’d made a huge move across several states to a special school but it turned out very badly for us, my eldest son was on the verge of losing all hope, he was suffering depression, sleep deprivation, crying and begging me to tell him what was wrong with him, what to do to ‘fix” him. He had lost self confidence, and self worth, on the verge of an emotional breakdown. There was a new private school for children like him that opened the first year we arrived… but we were not in the private school bracket… by the third year and my son now at his absolute lowest, it was either homeschool as a single mom, making it impossible for me to work or apply to this private school and try to find some way to pay for it. I received a phone call one day – unexpectedly – from the Director of this school whom had seen my unfinished application online but had been asked about my son through another director with whom she was friends… she invited us to the orientation day. On the day of this full mock day of school, I met a few other mothers, just a few casual chats, knowing no one. While leaving for lunch, another mother Tammy Burke approached me and introduced herself – she saw my distress – we shared our sons’ stories with one another… she too had uprooted her family-moving across the country to find an answer for her son. She embraced me, took my hands and quite fervently prayed for my son to be accepted into this school and thanks for bringing us all together, feeling for sure that God had brought us all together for a reason and that this would be a positive outcome. One hour after the end of the students day the Director called and offered us the first position open at the school for my son. We accepted and went directly back for the enrollment packet. Within a few months, Tammy and I had become good friends and forever linked through our stories, faith and children. One day she told me of a friend of hers that made these crosses and offered me a choice of four – she had wanted me to have one, so I chose the only blue one in the bunch. I was very touched by this gift Recently I became aware of a series of events that had been unfolding for the past 18 months in my life and particularly troubling effects on my younger son and in my home. I became sure that I was confronting spirits in my home, perhaps demonic and I consulted my friend Tammy. She had dealt with so many issues and has experience fighting this kind of evil. I took my blue cross from it’s place in my home – knowing it came from two women of powerful faith and with olive oil, anointed and cleansed my home,; every window, door crawl space and opening and asked for protection. I cannot explain the peace of mind that came to me, the comfort of knowing I am not alone in this journey. I treasure my cross and perhaps one day I will pass it on, but for now it is a precious part of my every day. I am thankful for Jesus Christ and the gift of Tammy Burke and for her embracing me with her faith in a way that brought me ever so gently back around and more connected to my own.