Jesus Met Me Where I Was

Cross # 14.4658
Crandall, TX

The life I have lived had been a selfish one, full of control, self-pity, self-loathing, seeking, and searching for love as well as acceptance.
Jesus meets me in my brokenness!  I blamed God for things that had happened in my life from molestation to abortion, I blamed Him.

I thought He had to be a liar because if He was truly real and allow those things to happen to me then I must be unlovable, unworthy, and a piece of trash!

Jesus met me in the miry clay and pulled me out!  Jesus has courted my heart, and for a time I ran!
I now love the Lord, work for the Lord, and seek to please the Lord!  Jesus is so sweet to me and anyone who will give Him a chance to love on them!

The cross means more to me than just Jesus hanging there, it means He conquered hell for me, and he did the samething for anyone that will say yes to Him!