Cross # 14.4706

West Palm Beach, FL

I was born in 1974 in a city close to Montreal, Canada . I was baptized catholic and received the several confirmations while I was in elementary school. I never fully understood the role of Jesus Christ, but I did learn about God and I used to pray to God until my 20s without any religious concept. I had not read the Bible. My parents did not practice Christianity.

My soul was avid for some answers to my human suffering, which was acute from a non-loving childhood experience and tremendous long lasting abandonment from early age. I was put in a school away from home at the age of 13, and I was living in a permanent state of fears and immense insecurities inside my heart which stayed with me all my life.

I have always been in a state of deep pain in my soul. Therefore, I spent my life with an insatiable thirst to find God and to find peace in my heart, which I knew only God can give me. I found myself quickly involved in Buddhist practices from the age of 20, in which I got myself deeply involved. I moved to England to live in Buddhist centers/monasteries, I was living in a community practicing and studying Buddhism every day. At the age of 34, I was still living in constant profound fears about living and unable to cope with the hardships of life without any kind of family love, understanding or material support.

At the age of 35, while in a large Buddhist festival in England, I was introduced by a Buddhist friend, to a powerful very well-known Indian spiritual master located in India. Still in profound internal suffering, I decided to join the local weekly gatherings from that organization. I liked that it was all around creating a personal relationship with God. By the medium of that Indian guru, I had my first powerful experience of what I thought was God at the time in February 2011. It was a very blissful spiritual transformation. It was the most joyous moment in my life after 14 years of frustrated spiritual practices. I immediately made plans to go to India and did 6 weeks of intense spiritual retreats in their training campus. I became a trainer for that spiritual organization and started leading groups on my return to Florida. I went to India several times and did a total of 5 intense 4 weeks retreats in India over a 3 years period. My whole life became focused on God. But interestingly, my experience of God was primarily via that Indian guru, whom we all called an Avatar of God. Many people considering themselves Christians still follow this Indian master as of today and believe that he is an embodiment of Christ in this world.

after 3 years of practice with that Indian organization, my health, relationships and finances started degenerating. This is when the Holy Spirit entered me and showed me the true path and I was led to go to the Church, join a women’s bible study group with Calvary Chapel in St Petersburg, and read the word of God. I saw that I was involved in mystical practices that were not coming from the true source of light and truth. Christ entered my heart and since then, he is my “anti-virus” showing me what is from God and what is not. I had my Christian conversion in April 2014 and I got baptized in August 3 2014 at Calvary Chapel

Since then I feel more love and respect for myself. I am more grounded in myself and in my experience of God. I am on a long term journey of deepening my connection with Christ now.