Cross #14.4706

Warren, OH

I received this cross at a For the girls international event. I love that you receive this gift with the intention to hold on to it until God speaks to you and opens your eyes to someone else whom might need the reminder of the cross in their lives. To remember that God is love and that He loved us more than we can comprehend, more than we love another, enough for him to send his son to die for all the wrong and sin in our lives. Jesus has transformed my life. He has given me a new perspective and a joy that is not based on my circumstances, place or people within my life. Once I truly discovered what a relationship with Jesus was, the bible opened up and became real and suddenly I started to understand more and more of the life and wisdom it contains. I hope that whomever gets this cross Believes that He is alive and loves All of you and want you to grow and be more focused on what Jesus has for your life every moment of every day that you are blessed to walk this earth.