Cross #14.4749

Boone, NC

I was married to a man who had a sexual addiction. At that time this was not a topic that was ever talked about, especially in the church so I struggled for many years with how to respond to my husband and this situation. God was my constant source of Strength, encouragement, wisdom, comfort. Through an incredible set of circumstances my faithful heavenly Father brought me into contact with a healing ministry that dealt specifically with people struggling with this addiction. Finally someone was talking about what I was living and gave me a safe place to begin my healing journey. At that time I felt lonely, outcast, afraid. Twenty years later I attended a healing conference with this same ministry. God showed me how far He had brought in healing in those twenty years. I realized I was not that person. Through His grace I was joyful, confident in the Lord, dependent on Him alone, and at peace. My cross was given to me by one of the ministers after hearing that story. It is a constant reminder that God is always faithful and His steadfast love never ceases. I am eagerly looking forward to the person to whom I will pass along this cross.