Cross 14.4772

Pembroke, MA

I bought this cross at the studio in St. Petersburg about two years ago. It had a leaf pattern and the word “Explore” on it. It made me think of the many explorations my four children were in the midst of and about to embark on, and I thought it would be a good message to anchor us through these wandering years. It has hung on a central beam in our kitchen all this time. Our last child just completed a voyage around the world, after her three siblings before her. I realized that it was time for the cross to begin its own exploration. Our friends from St. Andrew’s, Muriel and Peter, are about to step into a new adventure. They are leaving New England after many years to make a new life for themselves and their dogs in Santa Fe, NM. They will be missed in our church community, but I know they will be well embraced where they are going. I have passed this cross along to them as they explore the uncharted territory ahead.