Cross #14.5014

Port Richey, FL

I received this cross at the For the Girls International Autumn Girls Night Out. I was pleasantly surprised as I collect ceramic crosses, and the teal blue color is my favorite color! One of my tablemates noticed the dragonfly imprinted on it last night. I almost traded with someone who loves butterflies because dragonflies are not of particular significance to me…so I thought. Today, I had a really stressful day, praying throughout the day but just not finding peace and calm within even as the day winds down at 8;30 pm. I sat down to try to relax and saw my teal cross with the dragonfly. Suddenly, I was reminded that for the past two weeks, including today, I have been noticing black and yellow butterflies and dragonflies flying very close and even hovering right in front of my face. Out of the ordinary enough for me to take particular notice. As I breathed out, I felt God saying “every day is not going to be perfect and some days are going to be downright stressful, but if you look for Me, you will find Me in my special creations… near you every day.